“When I refer clients to Nancy Choate, I do so with complete confidence. I know that my clients’ legal needs will be met by a competent, caring, and extremely knowledgeable attorney. Nancy has the unique ability to present complex legal concepts on estates, wills, trusts, elder care, etc. in terms that my clients easily understand. While the estate planning and probate processes can be very emotionally challenging, Nancy serves as a compassionate, professional guide. The experience that my clients and I have had in working with Nancy can be summed up in one word: EXCELLENCE!”

 Robert A. Caldwell, CPA


“As a tax manager for Alexander Thompson Arnold CPAs, I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy on many estates and trusts. Every time I have worked with her, I have seen how much Nancy cares about her clients and her willingness to take care of her client’s needs.

I will never forget when Nancy called me while I was on a vacation and asked me to meet her the next morning in Lexington, Tennessee to serve as a witness for a client who was terminally ill. I met her the next morning and, after getting all the documents signed and notarized, she personally went to the local court house and had the deeds recorded. Her client passed away three days later knowing everything had been taken care of. 

It is a joy working with such a caring and knowledgeable professional.”

Tamara Stanfill, CPA


“If I had to choose one word to describe Nancy L. Choate, the word would be reliable. Nancy has been my personal attorney for over 15 years and assisted me with numerous real estate matters and estate planning matters. The work performed by Nancy and her staff is always accurate and dependable. She is always very responsive to my needs and performs her services in a timely and efficient manner. I look forward to many more years of working with Nancy and her firm.”

Judy Kyle



“Nancy helped me immensely when my ailing mother was living with me and in a precarious situation. She also did an outstanding job for one of my coworkers that I referred to her in setting up a trust to protect my coworkers assets. Superlative job and person!!!”

Janice Poyhonen, Paducah, KY



“Nancy Choate has been my attorney for over 10 years. She has helped me in the formation and expansion of my medical practice and other business transactions as well as my estate planning. She is very professional and courteous to her clients and has done an excellent job for me in all areas. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone to handle their legal matters.”

Shyamal Sarkar, M.D.


On behalf of my family, I would like to take this opportunity to genuinely thank you and your staff for all of the personal and professional assistance that you gave us in the settlement of our family revocable trust.  While I know every client you represent is unique in many ways requiring your specialized legal, moral, and ethical expertise; the care that you gave us, while comparatively simple in many ways, posessed its own set of nuances, and received your most empathetic and professional attention.

Kim, Evelyn, and Curtis served you and us very well in their roles on our behalf and my family would like for them to know how impressed and appreciative we have been in our dealings with each of them as well.  Even during some of our most stressful times in this process we needed to practice patience with perseverence and they guided us in that direction by encouraging us not to give in to frustrations which could certainly have taken over were it not for your wise and compassionate counsel.

Therefore, we certainly recommend The Law Office of Nancy L. Choate P.C. to others who face similar sensitive and difficult circumstances in their families.

Thank you and Press On!



We had several referrals and are so grateful we chose you and your firm to get our affairs in order.  Robyn was so helpful and easy to work with.  I really appreciate her patience with us. 



I wanted to thank you for your valuable advise.  My siblings and I wrote letter to TennCare, as you suggested.  Our Medicaid claim was approved without us having to give our inheritance back.  Thank you so much!!


Thank you both for all your help and knowledge!!! I feel like the day I met you, Nancy was such a blessing in my life… It has been reassuring to have support in knowing that I am doing everything I can to take care of my mom and protect her finances.  God has put the best people in my life to help with this journey of caregiving… Of which I consider the two of you top on my list.   Although, in the beginning I came to you just for information and to protect my mom‘s assets it went beyond that. I have always felt like I wasn’t alone and decisions that I was making ….because all the legal stuff is daunting when all you really want is for your loved one to be happy and feel loved. It has been so nice to know that all I have to do is make a phone call and if there’s something I’ve been concerned about when it comes to legal things I could just phone you. Caring for an elderly parent is not for sissies!  It has been worth every penny to have your expertise.  It has given me a peace of mind as the sole caretaker of my mom and that is invaluable.  Curtis, thank you for answering all my questions in the last few months and getting back to me so promptly. I slept last night for the first time in three months!



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