Veterans Benefits Planning

If you are a Veteran, or the spouse of a Veteran, you may be eligible for the VA Improved Pension Benefits.  A great number of Americans who have proudly served our country during wartime are unaware and thus not able to take full advantage of the financial support that they have earned by their sacrifice for our country.  These benefits were established by the VA to provide Veterans and their spouses with financial assistance with the increasing costs of medical expenses, assisted living facilities, and in-home nursing care. You do NOT have to have a service related injury to qualify for these particular benefits. Moreover, it doesn’t require a Veteran to be impoverished and destitute before he or she qualifies. It allows veterans and their spouse to live out their lives in dignity and afford basic necessities.

How Can I Apply?

Our office is committed to helping Veterans and their spouses receive the benefits they deserve. As an accredited VA attorney, Nancy has the experience and knowledge to determine whether Veterans are eligible for the Improved Pension program and guide you through the application process. If a Veteran is ineligible for the program, but can become eligible by following federal regulations, then our office will create and execute a plan to establish eligibility and will guide you through the application process. Here are some basic facts about the program:


  • Veteran must have served at least 1 day during a qualified war period
  • Veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty
  • Veteran received a better than dishonorable discharge
  • Claimant is either over 65 years of age OR totally disabled
  • Claimant is a surviving spouse of a qualified and did not remarry
  • Claimant or spouse needs assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Claimant’s monthly medical expenses equals or exceeds their monthly income

What is the maximum amount in benefits I can receive?

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