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Before Your First Visit
To help you receive the greatest benefit from our relationship, we recommend you do the following before your first visit.

1. Call our office (731-661-0665) to schedule an initial consultation with Nancy L. Choate. 

2. If you are coming in for estate planning services, then simply download our Asset Accumulation Sheet and Will/Trust Worksheet.   If you are unable to download the forms, we will be happy to mail it to you upon your request. The List of Information to Gather is also a helpful resource, and you may wish to bring the information listed to assist in the estate planning process.

3. If you are coming for assistance in handling a probate or conservatorship matter, please click the provided link to download the Asset Accumulation Sheet and Information to Gather.   Again, please call us if you have any problems in downloading the forms


4.  If you are coming in for an elder law matter, please download the Client Questionnaire form and documents requested.

5. Complete the forms, and bring it along with the other documents requested on the form.  Completing the forms and obtaining the necessary documentation prior to your consultation will help us to serve you more efficiently.

6. In your initial consultation we will assess your situation and make appropriate recommendations based on your individual situation.

7. After the initial interview we will prepare a letter reflecting our mutual understanding about the services we will provide and our fees for those services.    

8. For all other matters, please contact my office regarding information to bring to your first meeting.